Upholstery Cleaning Service London

Upholstered furniture receives constant attention and is exposed to unexpected messes which often result in stubborn stains and dirt. Cleaning these items is not an easy task and postponing the process may make the problem worse.

In this case the best solution comes with our London-based upholstery cleaning company. Find out more about us here. Scroll down to read more.

What is Upholstery Cleaning?

If you ever tried to clean your upholstered furniture using specially-formulated products for this purpose, you know what upholstery cleaning is. Now, professional upholstery cleaning is a whole nother story. First and foremost, because it is provided by experts who specialise in upholstery cleaning. Second, because the machines used in the process are specially designed to treat dirt and stains on furniture. Last but not least, professional cleaning covers a great deal of areas, it is much safer and much more competent.

The risk of damaging your furniture by cleaning it yourself is huge. Letting a professional get the job done will ensure that you are doing things right. Don’t wait. Have your upholstery cleaned now to save you the trouble later.

What is included in the price?

Our Upholstery Cleaning Service includes the following:

  • Pre-treatment of the affected areas (spots, stains, dirty patches)
  • Cleaning and deodorising
  • Use of special industrial dryers (they allow the surface to dry faster)
  • All items that are in cleaners’ way during cleaning will be moved away
  • Use of detergents

How much will it cost?

If you have used our company before, you know that the service is completely economical and affordable. Our sessions are low-cost because we realise that high prices will keep customers away.

As a whole, the price is determined by different factors. It really matters if you have provided your furniture with professional cleans before. The fabric and size of the cleaning job are important too. Some stains are impossible to remove with just one cleaning session and even though we try our best to return your belongings to their original condition, it is mission impossible if your furniture has not been looked after at all!

So, we will take all these factors into consideration when figuring out a price for you.

Who we are?

CleanStart is a small cleaning agency in London which currently specialises in upholstery cleaning. If you have heard about us before, it is because we really have a good reputation in town.

Why choosing us?

It is true that there are hundreds of other cleaning agencies in the city that will promise to take care of your furniture and even obtain amazing results. But why choose us?

Well first off, we keep our promises. We know what ‘professional’ stands for and we always place great value on our customers’ wishes and desires. Without our clients, we are doomed. So we strive to offer quality, good attitude and peace of mind to the people who entrust us with their precious belongings.

We never let down our customers. It is our rule.

We provide:

  • Real-time, well-organised and customer-oriented services
  • Flexible working hours
  • Unbeatable prices
  • Bonded teams of experts
  • Attention to every detail

What is our working time?

Our service is available during the day, seven days a week. We realise how important communication is, that’s why we provide a call centre. We will make sure your call is answered right away.

Seeing is believing. We dare you to try our service. Only this way you will see that what we have written above is the mere truth.