Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in London

We are one of the leading professional cleaning service providers on the market in London. Our agency is situated in West London, where we have been doing our best to please hundreds of clients, who rely on our help. Thanks to our hard work and the dedicated cleaners we work with, we managed to gain a perfect reputation and develop all aspects of our company just how we wanted. Throughout the years we managed to create a detailed system to follow when working. We only use biodegradable products that are perfectly safe for both your health and the environment and the latest tools and equipment on the market. Don’t hesitate to call us and order our carpet cleaning services.

Our company is one of the most reliable providers of cleaning services and is highly appreciated in London, where it’s based. We have thousands of clients, whom we have always managed to please with our professional work and excellent service. We work with a team of certified and motivated cleaners, who are the best experts in the business. They can guarantee ideal results as well as quick completion of the task. We also managed to expand our service list and now we offer a wide range of cleaning solutions.

Are you looking for a cleaning company to take care of your carpets at home or in the office? Then you need us. We are one of the main providers of carpet cleaning services in the whole area of London.
Our company has many years of experience and has been gladly helping hundreds of customers to have their carpets cleaned ideally and professionally. We use the best ecologically-friendly detergents that guarantee safety for your health and the environment too. In addition, we offer low prices that can easily fit your budget.

What is more, our technicians know how to treat different types of fabrics in the best way possible. It is important to have skills when performing this service since the wrong treatment can make the stain permanent or even damage your carpet. Trust our cleaning technicians with your carpets and they will not disappoint.

Carpet Cleaning by Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets are easy to stain and often very hard to clean up. If you want to save yourself hours on cleaning, simply call us and use our professional carpet cleaning services. Our experts would be happy to clean your carpet for you. The secret behind our success are the professional cleaning technicians we work with and, of course, the efficient high quality products and tools we use.
For the proper cleaning of carpets and upholstery we use two methods – Steam Cleaning and Dry Cleaning. Both of them are extremely efficient against stains and stubborn dirt. Here is a little bit about the two methods:

Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning is the method we use most often. It is extremely effective against stains and leaves your carpets clean and sanitized. The key component is the use of hot steam (up to 120). With the help of the special solutions we apply, the steam is able to fully dissolve all stains and dirt from every fibre of your carpet. The reason why this service is performed by professionals is firstly the tools and detergents that we use – they are expensive and not so easy to have and use at home. Secondly – the vast knowledge of our professionals. In order to achieve perfect results when steam cleaning, one has to know the exact type of carpet and the materials it is made of. Picking the correct detergent will result in successful cleaning with no harm done to the surface of the carpet. The whole process is simple and can be explained in these few steps:

  1. Testing the materials and fibres of the carpet
  2. Vacuuming the whole surface
  3. Applying cleaning solutions to stained areas
  4. Steam cleaning the whole surface
  5. Deodorising
  6. Moisture removal


Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning is usually recommended for more delicate or not so stained fabrics that cannot be treated with hot water or steam. The whole idea of the dry cleaning is that minimal amounts of moisture are used and the carpets are dry at the end of it. The dry cleaning products we use can be in foam or powder form. Their chemical composition is able to dissolve all fat found in the dirt or stains. Fat and grease are the elements that make dirt stick to your carpet fibres and cause staining. The product dissolves and absorbs all the dirt and stains and is later removed with a rotary machine, using cotton pads soaked in hot water. The whole cleaning process takes slightly more time but you do not need to wait for your carpets to dry after that. Here are the steps of the Dry Cleaning process:

  1. Testing the carpet fibres and materials
  2. Thoroughly vacuuming the whole surface
  3. Applying dry cleaning solution and leaving it on for a couple of hours
  4. Removing the product along with the stains

Carpet Cleaning London from CleanStart

We are an experienced and reliable cleaning company, situated in London. For many years we have been offering the best carpet cleaning services in the whole district and making sure all of our clients are pleased with our work. We have proven our professionalism and excellence and have thus become one of the most respected agencies on the market. Here is some information about other services we provide as well:

Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning your upholstery is as important as cleaning your carpets. We are offering you this exclusive service. Our professional technicians can steam clean or dry clean your upholstery and bring it back to its previous freshness and bright colours. Do not replace your old upholstery with a new one yet, we promise you will not regret your decision.

Deep Cleaning

Whenever it is time for your annual big cleaning, do not hesitate and give us a call. We will spare you the endless hours of cleaning and scrubbing and help you transform your whole house just in time for spring and summer. All areas of the house will be cleaned using special, efficient but safe products. Trust our technicians because they know how to approach any issue in the best way possible.

Domestic Cleaning Service

If you are a busy person and struggle to find time for yourself, let alone for the proper and regular cleaning of the house, know that we have the perfect solution for you. Our professional cleaners are able to come weekly or fortnightly and take care of all your house chores. Everything will be put in order and you will be able to come home to a neat and tidy home.

End of Tenancy

We know how stressful moving can be. The end of tenancy does not help relieve the stress, rather the opposite. Landlords require a thorough sanitisation of their properties whenever your contract ends and you have to provide. However, it is much harder than it sounds. There are many standards and requirements and in order to receive your deposit back you have to cover all of them. Leave this to our professional cleaners – they have long experience and will perform perfectly.

After Builders Cleaning

We have all seen the mess that constructors and builders leave behind. Cleaning it is essential if you want to move in and use the space but it can take you days to properly get rid of all fine dust and waste. We want to help you with this. Spare yourself time and effort and call us. We use professional equipment that will rid you of all harmful dust and construction waste and you will be able to enjoy your new space shortly after.

Sofa Cleaning

We clean our clothes every day, how come we never think about cleaning the sofas regularly too? There is a large amount of dust, hairs and dead skin gathered in between and behind the cushions of your sofa. Keeping upholstery stain free is also mission impossible. Let us rid you of all those and make your sofas clean and fresh once more.

Carpet Cleaning Services in London:

  • Professional cleaners with a lot of experience
  • Flexible working hours for your convenience
  • Professional tools and equipment included in the price
  • Affordable prices
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic products only
  • Customer service available 7 days a week

Give us a call whenever you need help with anything concerning the cleanliness of your home, carpets or upholstery. We are able to send a team over straight away. Do not hesitate and take advantage of our offers. Call us now and receive a free quote over the phone. Our office agents will answer any questions you might have and help you with the booking process.