After Builders Cleaning SE17 Walworth

builders cleaning before and afterIf your property have become too dusty, messy and filled with leftovers from the builders after repairs, decorating or refurbishment work you can use our services to restore it. The after builders cleaning which you will receive from our company located in Walworth, SE17 ensures removing of debris, stains and leftovers from all areas.

Our staff carry out comprehensive sanitisation of working and living areas, bedrooms, lofts, basements, garages and new buildings. Get in touch with us whenever you need one-off thorough cleaning and restoring of your rooms and new constructions.

icon_deepHourly Based Services Prices
Regular Cleaning from £19/h
One of Cleaning from £20/h
After Builders Cleaning from £20/h

Our after builders cleaning service is specially designed to fit in with the needs of our customers and deep clean their premise in a short period of time, depending on the condition and size of the property. Based on their requirements, we will provide them with a service meeting each and every of them.

Save yourself the trouble and let us take care of your renovated home, too, while you enjoy your free time to the fullest. If the property is located anywhere in Walworth, please make sure to contact us and require our unbeatable after builders cleaning service.

Flexible After Builders Cleaning Services in Walworth

The cleaning which is provided by our company includes rooms, new constructions and outdoor areas. Our company works according to the demands of the owner.

The cleaning may include:

  • Hoovering and mopping hard floors and carpets
  • Wiping doors, sills, ledges, shelves and pieces of furniture
  • Cleaning walls, windows, lighting fixtures and all kinds of fittings
  • Pressure washing of tiles, natural stone and concreted surfaces
  • Deep cleaning of kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, lofts, basements, garages and other rooms

We finished our home refurbishment last summer, but the house was such a mess that we had to go for a after builders cleaning services to get things under control. We called your company and the cleaners you sent did great job in a flash. We are very thankful! – Laura

If you have just renovated, repaired or decorated any room in your domestic or business property and need it cleaned get in touch with us to clean it. Dust, cement, plaster, markings and debris will be cleaned and completely removed from all surfaces to make your property hygienic and liveable.

Our employees are supplied with heavy-duty preparations and powerful cleaning machines which speed up and facilitate their work significantly. We adhere to the requirements of the owner and the health and safety regulations when cleaning domestic and commercial estates. Use our after builders cleaning which we offer in Walworth, SE17 to receive effectively and professionally conducted service.

Trustworthy After Builders Cleaning

Cleaning After BuildersIf you have extended your property with additional rooms, converted your loft, basement or garage and need the place sanitised, contact us over the phone or online.

Our staff will wipe, clean and wash the walls, floors, windows, doors and all surfaces in the place to make it hygienic and flawless. Our after builders cleaning is at your disposal in Walworth, SE17 during weekdays, weekends and public holidays at reasonable and fixed prices.

With our professional cleaning company, you will no longer have to feel worried about the massive mess left post builders. Our skilled and experienced cleaners utilise professional cleaning materials that add quality to the cleaning session. In a space of a couple of hours, every nook and cranny of your renovated property will be spotless.

Our cleaners are trained to pay attention even to the smallest details and know how to be efficient during sessions. So why waste time and energy on trying to do the cleaning on your own? Take advantage of our after builders cleaning services in Walworth and we will do it instead of you.