After Builders Cleaning SE14 New Cross

builders cleaning before and afterFor an efficient and affordable professional after builders cleaning service you can turn to our company. We are a long-established cleaning services provider and we are based and operating in New Cross, SE14 and the area.

We offer our customers our professional cleaning help for their post-construction cleaning needs. We dare say that we offer the most convenient professional cleaning services in town and that we have very reasonable prices.

icon_deepHourly Based Services Prices
Regular Cleaning from £19/h
One of Cleaning from £20/h
After Builders Cleaning from £20/h

Builders can cause a lot of dirt and dust. It requires special type of cleaning to have everything thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in order to maintain a clean environment. Our cleaning technicians have made plenty of residents in New Cross happy with our cleanings – we are able to clean off any stain left there by the builders, the dirt and dust in and between objects in your house will also be taken care of with care and precision.

The carpet treatment we provide is extremely effective and quite exceptional. We will make no mistake and grant you the cleanings results you deserve and desire.

Budget-friendly After Builders Cleaning Service in New Cross

Here are the most important things that you should know about our company:

  • Our company provides all cleaning agents and modern equipment
  • Our price system is convenient as well and all of our prices are economical and inexpensive
  • Our teams of cleaners are trained to work to very high standards and to always achieve the maximum results
  • Our service is available for offices and homes as well
  • Our company is based in New Cross, SE14 and our after builders cleaning service is available here and in the area

My wife and I were very happy with how our renovation turned out but we were not ecstatic about the mess that the builders left. We hired this company to clean up after the builders and they gave us perfect results. We were very happy with this service. The cleaners were great, their results as well and the price we paid was economical. -Ted

Our cleaners are equipped with heavy-duty cleaning agents and solutions and with modern equipment and new tools.

Our cleaners have been doing this work for years and they have faced and cleaned a great number of different post-builders messes.

Efficient After Builders Cleaning

Cleaning After BuildersOur cleaners are trained to pay attention to details and we can guarantee you that our cleaners will not miss any spot in your home. Our cleaners will make sure all floors, walls and surfaces have been dusted and cleaned.

They will vacuum and mop, clean window frames and sills, doors and door frames, light switches and light fittings, radiators, they will clean all appliances or pieces of furniture that have gotten dirty, too. They will get rid of paint splashes and glue remains, all rubbish and debris will be removed, etc.

At our company you will find very friendly customer service and approaches. We pride ourselves in our hard work which is with the sole purpose of providing all of our customers with the high quality after builders cleaning service that can be found only at our company here in New Cross, SE14. Contact us for an appointment soon.

Thanks to our special vacuuming cleaning methods and updated equipment we are able to remove all dust off various objects and from the tiniest corners of your home. The construction in your home can bring about and expose your environment to different type of dirt and there is no one better, in all of New Cross, to have it removed completely.

Our cleaners will bring all the equipment and cleaning materials required for the job, so that all you have to do is call us and schedule your cleaning with us- we will bring your home to the desired of you cleaning state.